Maximize Shop Efficiency 


My goal and end result will be to modernize Wolfgang Autosports and maximize profits while keeping employees happy and motivated. We will be the best of the best in this industry.


In my time at Wolf Gang Autosports I have noticed vast room for improvement in shop efficiency. We can improve productivity and reduce material waste. It will require a small amount of training and some tool updates. It is my plan to get our employees up to date within the month and along with the tool updates and maintenance taking approximately two months to complete.

Proposed Project:

Recent research has shown that with some minor equipment updates and improved employee training we can get our company to take over this sector. I believe I can head this leap forward. With a minute budget for equipment updates we can and will bring our factory up to date. Also with a few training days every employee will be up to date on new techniques and the most efficient equipment operation and production. It will require a small amount of training and some tool updates. It is my plan to get our employees up to date within the month and along with the tool updates and maintenance taking approximately two months to complete. This, along with future modern tool purchases within the next year will bring Wolfgang Autosports up to date with our most modern competitors. In an effort to cut cost and maximize profit we have overlooked some simple inexpensive items such as cutting fluid and cooling fluid along with machine filters. All these items should be changed or replenished on much more consistent bases.  We dull tools and waste material due to improper cooling which is due to lack of cooling/cutting fluid. Also, our machinists try to cut as much as possible with each pass. In theory this sounds good but creates much more heat which dulls tools and burn material. This issue is magnified when the part has a magnitude of hours already invested in it. These losses along with the additional wear and tear on the equipment affect this company greatly. Mistakes also lower morale which is bad enough by itself, but lower morale lowers productivity and increases the rates of incidents. To help with morale we may also implement a productivity based commission. The commission will greatly raise morale and productivity. This will be an ongoing project that we should stay on top of to keep our organization on top of the field. The training days will be discussed in depth to cover all employees and will consist with one on one instruction and group instruction. It will consist of some classroom training and hands on instruction.       


Path To Succeed:

First we need to measure twice cut once, also cut close to the size you need as possible not twice the size that you want. Next we need to make sure we use the proper tool for the material and select the correct cutting speed and fluid. Also when selecting a cutter or tool make sure it is in good condition with no nicks or discoloration and sharp. A damaged tool can ruin the finish or brake possibly injuring someone, a dull tool will burn the material you are working with much faster then a sharp tool and may rip and chunk instead of cut your project. As the tool operators and the ones using the tools it is your job to take note of damaged and/or worn tools and equipment and notify your shift leader.


To increase profits, productivity and moral. Happy employees make better products, better products lead to increased sales therefor company growth.   


As a recent graduate with a manufacturing degree and someone that has hands on experience both in managerial and technician positions, along with my drive to work for a better future I am more than versed in the proper ways of tool operation and procedure. Please feel free to reference my transcript and resume.  


Within the first month I will have provided a small series of classes to get every employee up to date on the modern technology and the proper techniques. Buy the end of the second month all the tools will have received a  tune up along with maintenance and repairs. Within the next year as profits rise we will update to modern tools such as new Cnc machines, Laser measuring and guided tools.  


The prpose of this project is to cut cost and increase profit trough employee training and tool/ equipment updates.

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Modern Manufacturing

We are looking at the new processes in manufacturing and ways to impliment these to maximize shop efficiency.Edit

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Modern Manufacturing


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Robotic Welding 1

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